Creative Movement – Designed to provide, children between 18 months-3 years, the fundamentals and foundation of dance and movement in a fun energetic atmosphere. Basic educational, developmental and behavioral concepts are key components of this program. Children are exposed to memory and coordination skills, color and motion sequencing in an environment that promotes healthy and playful learning.

Ballet – The highly disciplined and codified stage art of ballet is based on centuries-old tradition of movement skills. It has a repertoire today that has drawn from classical performances side by side with most contemporary themes and choreographic approaches.

Tap – An intricate and sophisticated form of fast footwork. Rhythms and beats are based on temporal sequences.

Hip Hop – Learn the hottest upbeat, syncopated dance trend. Hip Hop is a fusion between street dance and jazz technique.

Jazz – As a dance form Jazz has an exciting, vibrant and dynamic quality. It is deeply rooted in and heavily influenced by elements of African dance, contemporary dance concepts, Broadway and Hollywood choreography meshed with ballet and modern dance technique. Centuries old African American dances and music is deeply rooted.

Acrobatics –  This form of movement displays spectacular tumbling performance, while maintaining control. Acrobat students gain great agility and strength.

Contemporary – A modern or lyrical, free flowing form of movement initiated by the breath-moment and derived from fall and recovery. Contemporary displays emotion and the use of gravity. Pays homage to all Black-Dance companies and Black-Dance pioneers worldwide.