There is a $70.00 registration fee through July, which includes a studio backpack or studio fold up chair with carry bag (your choice). There is also a discounted registration of $90 during the month of August. The regular registration rate is $115, which begins after Labor Day. Upon registration, it is understood that enrollment into The Dance Place is for the entire year.  Dancers age 18 months to adult are eligible to participate.

Payment & Tuition

Tuition will be charged automatically to the card on file through your Parent Portal in Dance Studio Pro. Tuition is due the 1st class on every month.  A $16.00 late fee will be assessed for tuition not paid or if funds are not available by the 5th of each month. If tuition is not paid by the end of the month, the student will not be allowed to return to class(es) until tuition is current.  (Credit, Debit, and Bank Accounts)

Attire Policy


18 months - 2 Year Olds: Solid Aqua Leotard/Footless Tights
Pre K-2nd : Solid Pink Leotard/Tan Tights
3rd – 4th : Solid Burgundy Leotard/Tan Tights
5th & Up: Solid Black Leotard/Black Tights
All Groups: Tan Ballet Shoes/Tan Tap Shoes/No Panties.

Jazz/Hip Hop

Two-Piece Dancewear
Dance/Jazz Pants
Dance Crop Tops
Jazz Shoes – Tan Split-Sole
Hip Hop Sneakers – Solid Black
Acrobatics - Bare Feet
Tan Tights with All
No panties

-Please refrain from torn tights.  Required tights can be purchased at TDP.
-Appropriate dance shoe must always be worn.
-No bare legs, no t-shirts, no shorts, no ballet skirts, no jewelry.
-Hair must be secured off face.

Male Requirements

-White round neck t-shirt, black or navy shorts or sweats, and the appropriate dance shoes.

Attendance Policy

Dancers should be present for all lessons/classes for which they are enrolled. The studio should receive prior notification in the event of absences. Dancers will be given 3 absences.  Dancers must attend every class in order to receive perfect attenDANCE recognition.


Dancers should arrive to the studio dressed. Do not arrive early. Dancers should not be picked up late. Drop off and pick up must be timely. Parents who pick up their child late will be charged a $15.00 late assessment.

Lobby Etiquette

To avoid lobby noise and disruptions in class and to keep students focused, lobby traffic is requested to be kept to a minimum. Parents are asked to not observe for extended visits. Parents are asked to keep visits to the office brief.

Studio Etiquette

In effort to keep our state-of-the art wood sprung dance floor in the studio clean, street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor. Additionally, dancers should not wear dance shoes outside.

Recital Costume

Each student is required to purchase the appropriate costume for each dance class. Costumes are ordered mid-year with the approximate cost being $70-$100 per costume. A monthly deposit is recommended through your parent portal.

Parental Involvement

Parents of all dancers are asked and strongly required to adhere by the policies and procedures of The Dance Place Dance School. Parents are asked to be stakeholders at our dance school. Parent involvement and participation is essential. Parents are asked to share the positive and great things that our school is doing in the community and surrounding areas. Volunteerism is pertinent to the success of a school and community enhancement. The Dance Place loves volunteers. Volunteerism is always optimal at The Dance Place School of Dance.

Schedule of Fees

Tuition is due the 1st of each month. It is late after the 5th of each month, thus resulting in a $16 late assessment. Each month it is recommended to pay a deposit towards recital costuming, through November. Expect the following additional fees: Some are optional: September - Attire; Dance Bag; Start Up Fees. October - Studio Jacket. November - Recital Costume Balance. December - Showcase Admission Tickets. January - Winter Registration (New Winter Dancers Only); February/March - Recital Ad Campaign. April - Recital Portraits; Spring T-Shirts. May - Recital Admission Tickets; Recital DVD; Other Recital.  Other activities will be announced.