All students are expected to
participate in the dance recital.

This year’s Dance Recital will be held on Sunday, May 4, 2025 at 2 p.m. at The Venue at the Bakery Building.

Each student is required to purchase the appropriate costume for each dance class.  Costumes are ordered mid-year with the approximate cost being $70-$100.

A non-refundable costume deposit of $80.00 will be due on November 1.  Payments must be made at a rate of $20.00  per month at the beginning of each month, August-November.  The remaining costume balance, paid in full, is due shortly after. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Each student is responsible for a $150.00 recital fee.  This fee is included in the minimum ad sales requirement for the studio ad campaign ($300 in ads for single dancers, $450 in ads for families with multiple dancers).  Thus by meeting the minimum ad sells requirement you avoid the recital fee.

Students with more than two recital rehearsal absences ( 3 for 2 or more registered classes) will be required to schedule private rehearsal lessons at a rate of $65/hr to maintain recital participation status.  The number of private lessons required will be determined at the instructor’s discretion.

Ad, recital, and costume fees, and current tuition must be paid in full before recital costumes will be issued.

A professional photographer will photograph students on Good Friday for photos used in the Recital Souvenir Ad Booklet.  Photo packages must be purchased at the time of service.

A videographer will videotape the entire recital.  DVDs can be purchased at an approximate cost of $45.00/DVD.

No cameras or flashes will be permitted during the recital.  Photographs may only be taken during the tech ( dress ) rehearsal and before and after the recital.

The Dance Place class schedule will be altered and more intensive during the months of April and May to accommodate the Dance Recital ( large group ) rehearsal schedule.

In addition to the Dance Recital, studio performances will include a Christmas Showcase and nursing home community service performances.  ( Additional presentations and/or performances may be announced at  later dates. )